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We will be selecting posters to be featured in the Hot Topics in Neonatology™/Neonatal Quality at Hot Topics virtual poster showcase through an abstract submission and review process. Abstracts for both conferences are now being accepted.  
The abstract deadline is October 1. 

The virtual poster showcase will take place throughout the entire conference, from December 5-8, and will also be available for three (3) months after the conference.  Conference registrants will be able to contact poster presenters through the conference platform to discuss their research.

Important Items

● Abstract deadline October 1. Submission details below. 
● The primary contact person for abstracts which are selected for virtual posters will be required to 
    register for the virtual conference.
● Submitted abstracts must conform to abstract guidelines listed below. 

Submitting Your Abstract

● Please email completed abstracts to abstract@nemours.org.
● Include the corresponding author’s name, mailing address, telephone number and preferred email
● Electronic submission of scanned abstracts (i.e. image data files) and faxed submissions are not
● Maximum of two abstracts per submitting author.

Abstract Guidelines

Abstracts which do not meet the guidelines below will not be considered: 

● The abstract should provide a brief and concise idea of your main arguments and conclusions.

● Body of abstract should be no greater than 250 words, clear, descriptive, and self-explanatory. 
● No more than 1 page if no graphs or tables are included.  Two pages total if graphs and tables are 
● Abbreviations are strongly discouraged except for units of measurement. The first time an abbreviation
    appears, it should be preceded by the words for which it stands. 
● Abstract must be written in English.
● Entire abstract should use Times New Roman, 12-point font, left justification, single space, and no 
​● Encore posters are eligible.
● Your poster title is limited to 87 characters (including spacing) on the virtual poster showcase 
    conference platform.  Please keep this in mind when you are creating your poster title so it is enticing 
    to attendees to view.  You can have a longer and more detailed title on the poster itself.

For more information, please contact Karen Chiarini, MEd, Education Events Coordinator, at Karen.Chiarini@Nemours.org

• Title [UPPERCASE, bolded]
• Author(s) [First Initial. Last Name]
• Institution [Italicized]
• Body of abstract should include the following headings:
◦ Introduction 
◦ Methods 
◦ Results 
◦ Conclusion 
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