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Hot Topics
in Neonatology
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Are you interested in increasing your corporate exposure at Hot Topics in Neonatology®? We have numerous opportunities for you to support our educational programs. 

Supporter packages start as low as $1,000 and offer a bundle of perks – including benefits that will promote your company to neonatal professionals from across the world at the in-person event, and with an extended reach with our virtual option.

All Conference supporters are recognized in:

   • Conference announcements
   • On the conference website
   • From the podium during the conference
   • On-site conference signage

To see the full list of supporter options and benefits offered for the full conference, please review the Exhibitor and Supporter Prospectus.

Inclusive Conference Supporter Packages

     Platinum Supporter   $50,000
     Gold Supporter            $25,000

Support the overall conference and help us deliver groundbreaking research to clinicians around the world. Includes:

    • Exclusive on-site signage
    • One banner ad in daily email sent to conference attendees
    • Complimentary Satellite Symposia time slot (Platinum)
    • Ten complimentary Hot Topics in Neonatology® registrations (Platinum)
    • Five complimentary Hot Topics in Neonatology® registrations (Gold)

Hot Topics Session Supporter

$5,000 & Up

Support one of the ten educational sessions that make up the Hot Topics conference. Supporters will be limited to one per session. Final cost is based on the session selected. Supporters may select a session from the conference agenda. Includes:

    • Verbal recognition from podium at the start of supported session
    • Conference platform and Online syllabus recognition

Questions and inquiries about support opportunities, 
Contact Suzanne Hockenberry
at [email protected] or (302) 559-4240.